Our Solutions:

  • Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Our Demand-Side Platform (DSP) allow us to make an inventory in the Ad Exchange Markets and enable us the exchange of Advertising Data

  • Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

Our Supply-Side Platform (SSP) allows the Publishers the management of the ads in order to optimize their incomes through auctions in the digital media, generating an automation and optimization of the monetization of their advertising spaces.

  • RTB Technology

The RTB Technology (Real Time Bidding) is the new tool in the world of Online Publicity that allows the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to make a real-time offer for new requests of Ads based on the requirements and goals of the audience, which gives them more visibility concerning the advertisers and best chances of obtaining higher prices for their traffic level.

OhMyMobi uses the RTB Technology to identify the relevant target Group and the relevant locations as well as to distribute different types of Mobile Media in multiple networks, allowing the Companies to create and to launch more optimized advertising campaigns.

  • Retargeting

It is a Technology that allows you to show your ads to the Users that have visited your Web Page before. TheRetargeting allows you to reconnect with these users by showing them relevant ads while they navigate through the Web.

OhMyMobi uses the Retargeting Technology to help their Collaborators achieving their selling goals and to increase and increment the loyalty of their clients as well as to boost the interaction with the Users.